Introducing the new B00ST

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Dan Fratoni
Dan Fratoni

The new B00ST is here.

Last year, we helped select artists create success through our advertising platform. The results were analyzed by our Project Lab with the University of Chicago Financial Mathematics department, and they concluded that:

  1. We helped small artists reach similar or greater Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify consumption velocity as artists in the Top 200 charts, and
  2. our artists are spending at most half of typical music marketing costs.

Taking B00ST to the next level!

B00ST builds on our proprietary allocation and recommendation algorithms and introduces our first public-facing financial product that allows artists to protect their downside, transferring risk to institutional investors.

Artists are seeing competitive, long-term results that improve their bottom line, and they're actively embracing B00ST because of this, enhancing how they do business.

The possibilities, as we scale industry-wide, are exciting.

Stay tuned and learn more at

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