A few of our success stories

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Philip Muellerschoen
Philip Muellerschoen

Since launching B00ST, our software has produced results for artists, labels, managers, agents, and agencies of all shapes and sizes.

Best of all, no campaign is ever cookie-cutter. Our tech is able to zoom in on every artist, their piers, and the industry overall to create bespoke campaigns.

A few of the industry partners changing the game with us include:

  • 300 Entertainment
  • Blackbox
  • Downtown Records
  • Good Luck Have Fun
  • Mischief Management
  • Sony Music
  • Taylor Gang
  • Tribe
  • Universal Music
  • Warner Music Group

Learn more at b00st.com

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Introduction for "The right fans matter" article on the Musicfox Slightly-Sharpe blog.

The right fans matter

Many artists try a multitude of strategies that lead to skewed data on their platforms. Trying to garner numbers at the cost of a scattered audience makes finding the core fan a frustrating task.

Dan Fratoni
Dan Fratoni
Introduction for "The FTC Influencer-Advertiser Crackdown" article on the Musicfox Slightly-Sharpe blog.

The FTC Influencer-Advertiser Crackdown

Do you get paid via product, brand, or affiliate endorsement? The Federal Trade Commission sent letters to more than seven hundred major companies, warning them and their influencer marketing partners to either disclose relationships or risk seriously breaking US law.

Jason R. Stevens, CFA
Jason R. Stevens, CFA