The right fans matter

Introduction for "The right fans matter" article on the Musicfox Slightly-Sharpe blog.
Dan Fratoni
Dan Fratoni

Be intentional

Content is important to storytelling. Storytelling is needed to grow fans.

As artists share their stories, it’s easy to see who is consuming -- by now every social and streaming platform has a somewhat digestible dashboard -- conveying the makeup of a fan base.

In a perfect world, demographic and location data equals social and streaming data. For example, top markets on Spotify and Instagram are the same. This indicates real growth and provides a foundation for one to build upon.

Build on this foundation. Expand upon the core audience. Be intentional.

Many artists try a multitude of strategies that lead to skewed data on their platforms. Trying to garner numbers at the cost of a scattered audience makes finding the core fan a frustrating task.

When promoting, it’s important for artists to ask themselves 1) am I using the right content to tell my story, and 2) am I reaching the right audience.

Of course, handles targeting via algos that are plugged into each artists’ data, so you don’t have to worry -- we make sure you find them.

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Dan Fratoni
Dan Fratoni